Why Icarus Can't Fly


This film is a discovery of the secrets and wonders of how living things fly, from the flying styles and patterns of the oldest flyer in the world - the dragonfly to arguably, the most beautiful insect flyer - the butterfly.

We look into the bumblebee myth - is it true that bees, technically, cannot fly? Of course, we mustn't forget our feathered friends from the expert flyer of all time - the eagle, the poor flyer - the chicken and the no-flyer, the kiwi.

Although airplanes and helicopters have been modeled after birds' and insects' flight characteristics, the origin of flight remains a mystery to scientists and paleontologists worldwide.

The film also features the amazing discovery of a four-winged dinosaur unearthed in Liaoning province in northeastern China. Did birds originally fly up from the ground or down from the trees?

Why Icarus Can't Fly