Write Right - Learning Cursive

  • Product code : A250-001
  • Category(ies) : Education +
  • Level(s) : Elem. (ages 6-7) +, Elem. (ages 8-9) +
  • Duration : 15 x (5-10) min.
  • Production year : 2009
  • Director(s) : Bruce Dean, Carmen Dean, Julie Drake, Eric Luke
  • Producer(s) : Metafour Productions


Write Right - Learning Cursive is a series of fifteen 5-10 minute programs for grades 2-5.

The series is available on a chaptered DVD and comes with a full curriculum including a Teacher’s Guide, writing pages for each letter with grayscale letters to trace as are seen in the video, corresponding Alphabet Wall Cards and a student deskstrip. Using research-based interactive strategies to make learning fun, the series tackles the drudgery and redundant nature of learning to write in cursive handwriting for elementary age children while helping them develop good habits in order to write right!

Strategies include the repetition of catchy songs for important concepts, programs that are segmented, the use of self-critique after writing practice, and a review segment at the end of each program—all presented with a large dose of humor. Another well-proven strategy for learners is that they are encouraged to trace the shape that is being introduced with their finger in the air or on their desktops while students watch the animated character, Bartleby form the letters.

 1.   Getting Started • concepts: purpose, posture, paper position, holding the pencil
 2.   Getting Loopy Big Time • tall loops • letter: l
 3.   Getting Loopy Small Time • short loops • letter: e • words: eel, lee
 4.   Loops & Lines • letters: b, f • words: beef, fee
 5.   Extra Loopy • letters: h, k, H, K • words: leek, keel
 6.   Mind the Gap • letters: a, d, A, D, E • sentence introduction: He had a dad.
 7.   Round Rolling Wheels • letters: c, o, C, O • words: cold, flock
 8.   Making Waves • letters: i, t, w, T, F • sentence: The tide will float the boat.
 9.   Big Dippers • letters: g, q, qu, Q, L, G • sentence: Quiet quail gobble.
 10. Spiky Tops • letters: r, s, R, B, S • words: Roar, Best, Share • sentence :Bears snore.
 11. Go Low with Limbo • letters: j, p, J, I, P • words: jaws, pie, Jack, Idaho • sentence: Projects start with ideas.
 12. Wild Roller Coaster • letters: n, m, N, M • sentence: Mom said now.
 13. Mountains & Valleys • letters: v, y, V, W, Y, U • words: voyage, year, Very, Wavy, Yes, Us
 14. At the End • letters: x, z, X, Z • words: X-ray, Zebra • sentences: Exit the zoo.
 15. Count on It • numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 • punctuation: ! . ? • sentences: Wow! My name is Bartleby.

Write Right - Learning Cursive