Bettye Caldwell on Infancy and Toddlerhood


In 2001, the early childhood research and advocacy group Zero to Three praised Dr. Caldwell as a "passionate and practical advocate of infants, toddlers and their families." This series offers three projects with Dr. Caldwell.

1. In The Beginning: The Process of Infant Development (1978 /15 min.):
This film chronicles the important physical, intellectual and emotional milestones of the first twenty-four months of life.

2. Nurturing (2002 / 17 min.):
Winner of several major awards, this film illustrates how thoughtful infant care practices result in optimal intellectual and emotional _x000B_growth during the infancy.

3. Mastering the Tasks of Toddlerhood (2002 / 25 min.):
Mastery experiences, oral language development, and emotional growth are among the topics handled in this film that captures both the challenging liveliness and charm of this period of life.