The Crossing Guard / Pirates of Zanimo


The Crossing Guard: When Mr. Bowler threatens to close his shop because no one buys hats in summer Gofrette and Fudge try to find him something else to do. Mr. Bowler does make a perfect crossing guard but soon drives everyone crazy as he wants to tell them how to do everything. Meanwhile, Gofrette and Fudge have accidentally glued toy airplane propellers to their heads and are trying to keep away from a very sensitive and offended Ellie until they can figure out how to remove the glue.

Pirates of Zanimo: When Gofrette loses the treasure map his Granny Smith sent him two pirates get a hold of it and reach the treasure first. Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie dress as pirates in order to get their treasure back and even risk going on board the pirate ship, surprising Pirate Pete and Captain Bad Beard – and themselves - in the process.