The Genocide in Me


An angry, tender and funny film, The Genocide In Me deals with the impact of the 1915 Armenian Genocide on the life of the young filmmaker Araz Artinian, who has had to carry this legacy since her childhood.

In this personal journey, Artinian, torn between her father's passionate commitment to the Armenians of the Diaspora and her won personal needs, confronts the reality of living in the Canadian melting pot, and asks herself the universal question, ''Where do I belong?''

The documentary deftly weaves together 8mm film footage shot by the filmmaker's grandfather from the 1940's to the 1980's in Egypt and in Canada, with riveting photographic archives of the Genocide, the filmmaker's present-day video journals, and a deeply honest narration. Through moving interviews with the last survivors of this Genocide in the USA and through a risky trip to Turkey, Artinian goes back to the origin of her father's obsession, an obsession born of the Turkish denial and the fear of losing the Armenian culture.

A CD-rom with 20 stories remembered from the 1915 Armenian Genocide is included with the DVD.