Human or Robot? Newly Added


Human history is at a turning point. Mankind's future is now being played out. The distance between mankind and machines has never been so close, in fact, doubts are being cast as to what defines being human.

We are on the verge of a humanoid revolution. Could robots make us immortal? New robots with human faces are ever more efficient; they walk, see, hear and speak. They look more and more like us and are nearly ready to enter our homes and lives. In ten years, predict the roboticists, androids will be part of our daily lives just as personal computers are now. What about us? Are we ready to welcome them?

Max Aguilera-Hellweg, a photographer, physician, artist and scientist, travels the world to tell us about it. From Vermont to Japan, from New York to Osaka, he is a unique, front-line witness bringing us to cutting-edge robotic research centres. At the Heart of Robots is an account of this scientific and artistic quest.

Human or Robot?