Jack 03


Mission: Ice Impossible
What is an Iceberg?  When Rocket accidentally licks away a large avant‐garde ice sculpture, Jack heads off to Antarctica to find a similar‐looking iceberg before the sculpture’s imminent unveiling…. And when he can’t find one that’s small enough, decides to create his own. 

Ear Wax
Why do I have ear wax? A pesky space bug hitches a ride to Earth in Jack’s ship and somehow ends up in Nico’s ear. It is up to Jack to shrink down and chase out the bug while Sam tries to prevent Nico, who’s balance is sorely affected by all the movement in his ear, from trashing the entire garden. 

Food Chain For Thought
The Food Chain ate my homework.
 Jack learns the hard way about Earth’s food chain when he drops a miniature data dot which becomes dinner for various creatures in the food chain. 

Tummy Troubles
Why does my tummy make noises?
When Jack worries that Yoki’s tummy rumbles might mean they’re not allowed to see a movie, Jack goes down uninvited into Yoki’s tummy to find out what’s causing the problem.