Jack 2 - 02


The Roachmobile
Why are cockroaches such great survivors? While studying cockroaches in hopes of making an indestructible vehicle, Jack accidentally infests Nico’s house—and must then embark on a dangerous mission to get rid of them. 

Night Light Fright!
What is an Aurora Borealis and what causes it? Jack’s well-intentioned attempt to create an Aurora Borealis for the kids causes Chip to spin out of control—and begins to freak out everyone in the neighborhood!

What is static electricity? After Rocket gets a static electricity shock, the little alien dog suddenly becomes 'electrified'. Soon he is glowing like a light bulb, which threatens to expose the aliens to Mom, Dad… and Mrs. Weebler!

Jelly Jailed
How does gelatin work? A secret plan to help Mom make a prize-winning Jelly sculpture results in a miniature Rocket getting ‘set’ inside the jelly. But Jack’s rescue attempts are thwarted by the near-constant presence of a very-distressed Mom.