Lily: We Are All Getting Older Newly Added


Lily: We Are All Getting Older is a sequel to Lily: A Longitudinal View of Life with Down Syndrome, that followed Lily from ages 10 to 30. 

This latest version finds Lily at 49 years of age. The film captures her sweetness, good humour and comfort in the life her family and professionals have supported. She is seen in her own apartment, at work at the local grocery store, a position that she has held for over 20 years and travelling to New York.

However, Lily is now facing new cognitive and physical losses related to aging and we sense the understandable concern in the voice of her mother who narrates the film. Her memory deficits are best illustrated in a sequence when she is prompted to relate the experience of being lost in a very familiar neighbourhood. 

Will this affliction, tentatively diagnosed as Alzheimer's rob Lily of her independence and appealing character traits viewers have seen unfold in the previous three longitudinal portraits?

Lily: We Are All Getting Older