Massage, Age Old Tradition, Worldwide Phenomenon Newly Added


Age-old tradition or worldwide fashion, massages are a bubble of well-being where one can seclude oneself for a brief moment of time from the whirlwind of the society that we live in today. 

Stress can cause an increase in tension throughout the body, which can lead to anxiety and massage helps to release this stress and improve balance in the body and mind. As a result, it allows for a more balanced perspective in stressful situations.

Whether it be massage on the job to stressed employees or taught to school children or practised by mothers on their infants, the film travels around the world to look at how massage is practised today. In northern Thailand blind masseurs are the new stars of this discipline sought-after for their unique touch due to their blindness. 

Massage, a fascinating tradition and yet incredibly modern, has become popular the world over.

Massage, Age Old Tradition, Worldwide Phenomenon