Science in Progress


Educational and entertaining, the animated short series, Science in Progress takes us on a journey into the heart of the scientific breakthroughs of our history. The three-minute episodes will give us the clues, the twist-and-turns, and the experiences that allowed scientists, from Antiquity to the present, to achieve discoveries in all scientific fields.

1. The Root of Angles (Square roots and Pythagoras)
2. Calculating a Circle's Surface Area (Pi)
3. The Probability a Butterfly Can Change the World (Chaos theory)
4. The Grammar of Mathematics (Numbers)
5. Magic Mushrooms (Penicillin)
6. Fighting Fire with Fire (Vaccination)
7. Once Upon a Liver (The role of the liver)
8. How to Bottle Electricity (Electricity)
9. Universal Attraction (Falling objects)
10. Air as Atmosphere (Air)
11. Children of Peas (Heredity)
12. Dancing Continents (Plate Tectonics)
13. The Little Lizards that Became Terrible (Dinosaurs)
14. Of Pure Sun and Fresh Water (Photosynthesis)
15. A Storm in a Glass of Water (Water)
16. Elastic Gold (Rubber)
17. Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Created, Everything is Transformed (Conservation of mass)
18. It Floats, It Sinks (Density)
19. The Search for the Infinitely Small (The Atom)
20. Electricity in Chemistry (Electrolysis)

Science in Progress

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