Unbreathable - Cities on the Verge of Asphyxiation


Air pollution affects 9 out of 10 city dwellers and kills 7 million people a year. With an epidemic of cancers among adults, and widespread asthma among children, China and India are on a constant health alert. Nor is the rest of the world free from harm as the pollutants are spreading across the globe. The famous Asian Brown Cloud is moving its man-made soot across the Pacific to reach the United States.

Today, is it still safe to breathe? Faced with this growing concern, how can people protect themselves?

Pollution: Stifling Cities investigates the effect of pollution around the world. It examines the causes and consequences of the phenomenon and what steps can be taken to counter the effects. The urgency is real and requires rapid and drastic measures.

Unbreathable - Cities on the Verge of Asphyxiation