The Barber of Zanimo / One Silly Fusilli Cat!


The Barber of Zanimo: Garbanzo has made Gofrette the director of the opera at El Teatro Zanimo, and Greta is his star diva with a serious attitude. The night before the grand opening Greta loses her voice and Gofrette and Fudge must find a replacement. A fabulous mystery singer was heard from a distance but will they find her or him before the opening performance?

One Silly Fusilli Cat!: After Gofrette inadvertently saves the Fusilli Brothers’ lives they are forever indebted to him. It’s kind of fun at first having the Fusilli Brothers live with him but when it becomes clear that Garbanzo needs his prize acrobats back to perform at El Teatro Zanimo, Gofrette helps the Fusilli Brothers figure out that they’re really a lot happier at El Teatro than doing anything else.