The element earth includes all organic matter on its surface, the different types of rocks and all the layers below the ground.

Agricultural land, green or animal waste and decomposing products constitute the organic earth material present on the ground. The soil is also a solid surface that varies in consistency and composition such as stone, sand or clay. It is made up of different strata and varies according to its location. If we dig even deeper, we reach its heart, the magma.

In this episode, we will follow the masters of the earth who are exploring the different strata of the earth, from the ground to the core of the planet. From the heat of the earth recovered by ultramodern geothermal power plants to the new biomass techniques, through the exploration of magmatic energy and the study of soilless cultures.

We will follow the recent discoveries of geologists and chemists as well as the imaginative projects of the architectural engineers who have the ambition to make us live twenty thousand leagues... under the ground.