Jack 11


Poison Pets
What’s the most dangerous creature in the world? When Rocket licks a Golden Dart Frog, the venom on the frog’s back causes Rocket to lose control of his tongue. Rocket’s extra‐long tongue is trashing the place. So Jack asks the kids to watch Rocket while he and Chip head back to the Amazon to find a cure.
Volcano No!
Why does a volcano erupt? Jack has found his on place on Earth to vacation on… a remote volcanic desert island. But when Jack accidentally causes the volcano to start erupting, he has to find a way to stop the eruption or start searching for a new lava‐ free vacation spot. 

Ghost Story
What is a hallucination? Jack becomes convinced that Rocket is sensing ghosts when he keeps barking at what appears to everyone else to be thin air. Ultimately, the pals discover that the ‘ghost’ is really an over‐tired Rocket barking at hallucinations of his beloved missing chew toy. 

Eye Spy
How does an eye see? After Jack and Chip replace Mom’s regular eye contacts lenses with their upgraded alien version… Mom is now able to see 5 times better, and makes the kids and Dad’s life miserable as she embarks on a spring‐cleaning rampage.