The Magic Touch


The fairytale image of the Cirque du Soleil has reached audiences around the world, but the public knows very little about the person who created many of its fabulous costumes: Dominique Lemieux.

Shot over two years in Montréal, Las Vegas, Brussels, Milan, Chartres, Fukuoka and Benares, The Magic Touch offers a unique window into the imagination of this flamboyant artist.

Carlos Ferrand plunges us into the heart of the theatrical world to explore the creative work of Dominique Lemieux, from her preliminary sketches to characters who come brilliantly alive under the limelight...

We discover the myriad sources of her inspiration, get behind-the-scenes in her long collaboration with Franco Dragone and witness the preparation of the Cirque du Soleil's new show, in collaboration with its director, Daniele Finzi Pasca.

The Magic Touch is a colorful, often mesmerizing, audiovisual experience worthy of this uncommon artist.

Magic Touch