My Life on the Web


Internet, a tool for communication and exchange can also come back into our lives like a boomerang! Irrespective of age, more and more Internet users are playing at, “Do you want to be my friend?” and “My friends’ friends are my friends”. Illustrated with photos and personal stories, our lives, loves and states of mind are posted and written down for everyone to see… forever. Employers and headhunters have been quick to see the benefit in collecting as much personal information as possible in their new recruitment techniques.

In this era of globalisation, our lives are spread out on the web for all to see. “Registered, filed, surveyed, tracked, oppressed…” there’s no shortage of terms to alert us to the dangers we’re courting and the impossibility of extricating ourselves from the web. From San Francisco to the cyber-cafés of Berlin and Paris, My Life on the Web explores the world of social networks and questions the dangers inherent in a space that can be entered with just a click.

My Life on the Web