Older Brains, New Connections: a Conversation with Marian Diamond At 73


Best known for her pioneering work in the positive effects of enriched environments on brain growth, research she largely did with rats in the 1960's, Dr. Diamond has continued to teach and do research in the area of neurophysiology. Her research, and that of others, indicates that given the right conditions, the brain continues to grow all during life and not just in the early years. Dr. Diamond presents a summary of this research and its practical implications in her cordial, accessible manner.

Discussing the current research into the genetic components of Alzheimer's disease, the exciting discoveries that the brain can generate new neurons, her research into the brain's role in auto-immune disorders, and the data from longitudinal studies of aging nuns, Dr. Diamond presents an overview of much that is currently known about brain physiology and aging. She provides suggestions for applying this new knowledge and shares her own fitness plan to keep her body, including her brain, healthy.