Patagonia, the Colors of a Conflict


A classic story of David and Goliath made international headlines in 2002, when “David” a Mapuche Indian dared confront a multinational “Goliath” Luciano Benetton of United Colors of Benetton by reclaiming ancestral land that was part of the vast Benetton estates in Patagonia.

United Colors of Benetton is known for its provocative political ads that promote racial harmony and is one of the largest landowners in Argentina.

The case went to court after the family refused a Benetton offer to settle in another area, and the litigation has continued to attract attention. This is because of the global recognition of the Benetton brand-name, and because the case highlights the challenges of reconciling traditional indigenous concepts of land ownership and use with private property laws that are constitutionally enshrined in all the countries of the region.

The film retraces the course of this history and radiates from a place where "men of the earth" the Mapuche, have decided to return, not to get rich but just to live in a place they feel that they belong.