Waste Your Life


Plastic and electronic waste, old medicines thrown into the sewage water… when buried, this waste seeps into our groundwater, and resurfaces in the water we drink. When incinerated, it spreads noxious fumes in the air, which we end up breathing...

Around the world, the race to turn waste into viable resources has begun. Today’s waste may well be the treasure mines of tomorrow. This informative and engrossing documentary takes us to countries like Japan, Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium and even to the European Space Agency’s laboratories to come up with an optimistic list of the solutions of the future. We watch how airplanes can be converted into children’s scooters, we see how houses can be built out of recycled tires and we learn how marine waste can be detected using homing carps … Proof that we do possess one truly inexhaustible and completely recyclable resource: human innovation.

Waste Your Life