Women for the Planet


Six women. Amy, Heike, Ida, Merethe, Otaciana and Pabitra. They live in Canada, Germany, Argentina, Denmark, Nepal and Brazil. They have never met each other, but have many things in common.

Although they are neither activists nor intellectuals, they all possess a sense of urgency in the face of the deterioration of our planet, which they see as a threat to the future of their children, and to humanity in general.
They form part of an increasingly large body of voices that are speaking up to demand an economic and ecological transition that will take on the challenges of the 21st century. On their individual levels, they show that things can be done differently, by taking part in initiatives that lead to a fairer and more sustainable society, in the area of food production (urban agriculture), energy (transition towns) and money (local currencies). Their voices are paving the way for our future.

Women for the Planet