A World on Edge


End of credit based growth, financial madness, explosion of public debt, runaway population overgrowth, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, sprawling urbanisation, climate change… today, all the warning signals are flashing red. We are living through the most unsettling upheaval of checks and balances the planet has ever seen. While most of us, especially in the west, are worried, others see this as a renaissance - an historical opportunity for the advent of a new kind of harmony in world relations.

In the maelstrom of media hysteria, communication strategies and an obsession with the short term, Hubert Védrine, former French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers clear thinking.

He analyses the profound mutation in international relations as the beginning of a long geographical redistribution. He looks at the major geopolitical, economic and social challenges. It is a prospective reflection reinforced with political illumination through dialogue with international personalities (Europe, USA, China and emerging countries), because thinking about the world to come must necessarily be accompanied by a consideration of priorities, decision making authorities and the political agendas that are at the basis of political action.

The dialogues with international personalities (Europe, USA, China and emerging countries) are illustrated with archives, maps and animated images.

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World on Edge