The Legend of the Zanimozopogo/ Camping Diva


Legend of the Zanimozopogo: Could there be some truth to the legend of the Zanimozopogo? After Merton and Hamlet spot the creature out fishing and the town starts to panic, Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie go out on the lake at night with their camera to see the creature for themselves. Could it all be a trick by Merton and Hamlet? Maybe so, but a trick that allows the trio to get some very interesting and completely unexpected photographs.

Camping Diva:When big movie star Edwina Bernard moves into Ellie’s tree house for the week Ellie soon gets tired of taking orders from her all day and jumps at the chance to go camping with Gofrette and Fudge. When Edwina invites herself along Ellie doesn’t think she’ll ever get any time for herself, and she doesn’t, until she and Edwina become hopelessly lost in the woods and get unexpected mud facials and lots of laughs!