Home Sweet Home / Zanimo Man


Home Sweet Home: While it’s a good day for Gofrette to make candy apples it’s a bad day for Fudge with his ZanimoWagon breaking down and becoming infested by the purple raccoons. Despondent, Fudge decides to move to the big city to get away from his troubles. Gofrette, Ellie and Moocher do all they can to fix the Zanimowagon but have no success until they try using Gofrette’s candy concoction to re-make the broken piece in the engine, then take off to find their friend.

Zanimo Man: Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie are going to work at Hamlet’s annual spring carwash when they find out they’ve been replaced by his new carwash machine. Still wanting to help people the trio don super hero outfits and become Zanimo Man, Wagon Man and Super Buffer Girl. As they go about helping people—whether they want help or not—they had no idea it would ultimately be up to them to save the bubble infested town from Hamlet’s super carwash machine.